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The latest progress of the project and reach the level of:

The furnace coherent oxygen lance patent, reached the advanced world level, the technology can effectively convert chemical energy into the electric furnace melting pool, the pool cluster oxygen, complete the fluxing, two burning, and strengthen the decarbonization temperature and other metallurgical task. Using the gas protection or epoxy protected cluster oxygen jet effective jet length compared with conventional furnace wall fluxing oxygen lance nozzle and extended more than 40%, making it the penetration and utilization efficiency is greatly improved. The technology to be adapted to improve furnace steel smelting rhythm, reduce smelting cost furnace; particularly adapted to the hot metal charging after decarbonization and heating the heavy task of smelting furnace. Hot charging ratio can reach70-80%, electric arc furnace smelting" zero power consumption", at the same time through the computer models used oxygen furnace automatic operation.