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Oxygen supply project department

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University of Science and Technology Beijing professor Zhu Rong led the research group since 80, began to study the electric furnace oxygen technology, and achieved very good results. Among them are: electric furnace wall oxygen and carbon powder injection system ( coherent oxygen lance blowing module ), electric furnace oxygen blowing device, electric furnace wall oxygen fuel ( coal, oil, gas ) flux and two combustion oxygen lance, oxygen gun for electric arc furnace EAF EBT, oxygen modular control technology, electric furnace slag foaming technology. Among them, electric furnace wall oxygen fuel welding won the National Invention Prize three, first prize of progress of science and technology of Ministry of education; furnace door blowing device by the Guangzhou Municipal Science and technology progress two prize. Access to more than 10 patents, with independent intellectual property rights, to meet and exceed the imported technical indicators. From 1996 to the beginning of 2006, this technology has been extended to more than twenty steelmaking plant of more than 40seat electric furnace, energy saving benefit of a total of about 430000000 yuan, increase production benefit of accumulative total of about 630000000 yuan. The project team has all kinds of high technology research and development and design talent, at the same time, with the modernization of the State Key Laboratory of 211combustion to EAF steelmaking plant, the production and technological characteristics of design, manufacture, make the project reaches a predetermined technology index.